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Client Testimonial
"Of course I recommend Clark, Mascaro & Aziz. In their first year they generated collections of over $6 million on accounts that were stuck in insurance muck. Better than that they successfully argued our case with CMS who overturned the FI's erroneous interpretation of a regulation. Clark, Mascaro & Aziz has been a very positive, strategic partner for our hospital."
Bob Barbier

University of Louisville Hospital


CMA Attorneys Law Firm - Clark, Mascaro and Aziz, PC

Welcome to the web site of Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C. (CMA), formerly known as Clark & Mascaro, P.C., a law firm that has been in existence for over 25 years. Our nationwide practice consists solely of helping hospitals resolve patient claims in which either no payment was made by a responsible third party or the claim was not properly paid by a third party. By exclusively focusing on this area, Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C. has been able to develop a unique expertise and maintain an extraordinarily high level of success.

As a law firm designed to offer full services to their clients in this specialized area, Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C. is able to handle client claims on a variety of levels. These levels range from acting as an extension of the hospital’s business office all the way through the filing of suit when appropriate and authorized by the client. This allows clients to have the peace of mind of not having to worry about transferring the claim should legal action later be required. And by forwarding their difficult aged claims to our law firm, clients are able to more effectively concentrate their efforts on more current claims, thus increasing their revenue on both types of claims.

Our goal at Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C. law firm is to provide a level of performance and satisfaction that demonstrates to our clients nothing less than the best legal service available. Our law firm is immensely proud of our accomplishments and invite you to learn more about who we are and the level of service we provide. To learn more about our law firm, please select from the menu above or simply contact us.

Should you pursue Medicare or your Hospital Liens?

In states that have meaningful hospital lien laws, one decision that providers encounter with regularity is when to rely on a filed hospital lien versus when to release the hospital lien and pursue payment from Medicare. What makes this decision difficult is the fact that recovery based on a hospital lien is uncertain, both as to amount and timeframe of recovery.

Kentucky Medicare Procedure Change Alert

One of our clients in Kentucky informed us that Administar Federal, the Medicare intermediary in Kentucky, was requiring providers to have a personal injury protection (PIP) log on file in order to file certain Medicare claims.

The Importance of Hospital Liens

From our experience one thing that hospitals can do more of to increase their revenue is to file hospital liens in appropriate situations in states that have such laws.

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